back into the swing of things

I've been so busy lately between working at the school and working at church and planning a wedding and trying to maintain a social life, that I haven't been taking many photographs lately. So I was relieved and excited to go out on a photo shoot last Thursday with my lovely friend, Steph. It was also great because we have not hung out much lately and I missed my old friend.
We went out to 127th avenue and 112 street. There's a grassy field there that I absolutely love. Last time I went to take photos there they had cut the grass, but this time it was nice and tall. Perfect. I also wanted to use a mask that Steph got while she was in Italy. There's something so mysterious and beautiful about masks.
I had a great time taking photos. I posted some of them up on my deviant art page. Hopefully I'll get some time to update the Glowing Light myspace and web site.
And I promise, when I get time, I would LOVE to take your picture. :-)

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