I was looking for something in my garage the other day and came across a bin with my name on it. I couldn't remember what I had packed away in it so I opened it up and oh the wonders I found! There was a shoe box filled with old pictures. I had some from as far back as fifth grade and as recent as the trip the college group took to Nashville, TN back in 2004 (2005? I don't remember). Memories came flooding back, the good and the bad. Things I hadn't thought about in ages. It's just crazy how time flies and how much things change. There's pictures of people I've lost touch with and I wonder where they are and how they're doing. There's pictures of events I had so much fun at...concerts, games, water balloon fights, weddings, pageants, parties. I see myself changing throughout the years...the many pairs of glasses I've owned and haircuts I've gotten.

It makes me wonder what the future holds. At this point in my life I'm doing a lot of remembering and a lot of looking forward. I'm trying to remember how I got to where I am now. How did I get to this point in my life...graduated from college...getting ready to marry the love of my life...planning a move to North Carolina. How did this all happen? All the events of my life have lead up to this moment. All the laughter and tears and joy and anger and struggle and blessings. And now what? What's going to happen after all the struggles and blessings I'm experiencing now? Where will I be ten years from now?

Thank God for photography. I'm glad I have all these pictures to look at and remember where I came from and everything I've experienced. I'm excited to see all the many MANY more pictures that will be produced from my life.

Oh, and if you wanna see a really funny photo of Pr. Dave dressed as an elf with a REALLY short skirt, just ask. I have it. :-)

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