One of my favorites things to do is...nothing.

Just sit...stare out of a window...either in silence or music playing softly in the background...and think. I do a whole lot of thinking, sometimes too much.

I just really love doing nothing. Especially after going through a crazy week where you didn't get much time to yourself. I'm very much the kind of person that needs ALONE time. As much as I love hanging out with my friends, I need that time when I can just be alone and not have to talk to anyone. It can be very draining to have to make conversation with people. At least for me it can be. Call me anti-social, but that's just the way I am.

I think if it were up to me I would spend the majority of my time alone. But I am always grateful for the time I get to spend with people. Sometimes all I want to do is be at home...but for some reason or another I'll end up out with a group of people...and I'm always glad I was there.

And I'm especially grateful for when people (*ahem* Alex) force me to do something when really all I want to do is nothing. While I value my "stare out of a window and think" time, I think it's great when Alex forces me to paint or go take photos at the beach. Or when Anne Marie decides that I'm going to learn how to cook a new dish. Or Pr. Dave encourages me to make a new video for ZEAL. Or my sister tells me to do some wedding research. Or whatever.

The point is I've had a nice day of doing stuff and now I'm going to go ahead and do NOTHING. :-) Yay.

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