Seeing as today is Sunday we decided to explore some of the different churches Raleigh has to offer. In the morning we attended First Baptist Church of Raleigh. This church was built in the 1800s and it is absolutely beautiful. The building's architecture is amazing. The stained glass windows are gorgeous. The service was very traditional. It actually reminded me of a Catholic mass. They had the organ and hand bells and the old men in suits and everything. The pastor gave a really good message about stewardship. You could tell he was very knowledgeable. Everyone there was very nice. But I'm not gonna lie, I felt almost out of place being one of the very few college-age people there. It was an interesting experience nonetheless.

In the evening we attended a church in downtown called Vintage 21. Very contemporary. The polar opposite of the church we went to in the morning. This was a very young crowd (and "hip" too). They have some really good stuff going on over there. The band writes their own songs, which I think is pretty impressive. And they also did some good renditions of older songs. Their design and look is really clean and modern. Again, everyone was very nice and it was a good experience. The sermon was basically about men being manly men and what it means to imitate the gospel. Good message. The pastor seemed a bit rushed, but I got the gist of what he was saying.

It was really great to see two different churches today and experience the way they worship. It's great to see something traditional and something contemporary all in the same day. And I'm sure God loves to see all of that too.

Kristel Acevedo2 Comments