'tis the season

Today I made my first attempt at Christmas shopping. What a waste...
I suppose I wasn't adequately prepared. Usually I make a list of people I am buying presents for and an idea of what I should get them. However I have made no such list. I decided I would just wing it and that somehow everything would just be magically ready for me at the mall.

I guess Christmas shopping is something you can't rush. There should be some thought behind the different gifts you're going to buy for your loved ones. I always feel a bit bummed around Christmas time though, because I can't get something for everyone. If I could I would get amazing gifts for everyone I know...but I just don't have the money...especially not this year. I'm really trying to save and not overspend. But I'll do what I can.

Just know that I love you guys... :-) And Jesus does too...we shouldn't forget about Him during this crazy and hectic time.

On a side note, ALL was not wasted. I managed to get Beth's bridal shower gift...yay! All these weddings have me excited.

Kristel Acevedo3 Comments