I came home from work today ready to do some things I've been wanting to get done. I wanted to wrap Christmas presents, burn a couple photo CD's for Kat and Lenny (from their BEAUTIFUL engagement party), download photos I took of Tati and Raul yesterday and work on them a little...

I have done nothing! I have spent the last few hours just trying to get Tati and Raul's photos from my camera to my iPhoto library. Why? Because I have NO space on my computer. I managed to get most of the photos on there, but still have a few to go. 

I decided to give up on that for a while and concentrate on burning the CD's for Kat and Lenny. No can do! There isn't enough space on my hard drive to do that! This was my moment to begin freaking out. 

Lucky for me, Alex called me at that exact moment and he helped me create some space on my computer. So I am now finally burning the CD's. 

But STILL! I feel like I've wasted a whole afternoon on something that shouldn't have taken me more than a few minutes to accomplish. Needless to say, I'm a bit aggravated right now. More so because I know the problem is only temporarily fixed. I need some more space on my hard drive! Or maybe a new computer??? Maybe I should write a letter to Santa...

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