Kat & Lenny Engaged!

Yesterday I had the privilege of shooting one of the most dynamic couples I know.

Kat and Lenny got engaged in October and I've been dying to shoot engagement pictures for them. Lucky for me, they entrusted me with this task. (hoorah!)

We made plans to shoot yesterday at 4 in the afternoon...however due to some unforeseen circumstances we didn't really get to start shooting until a bit after 5. And we all know the days are shorter in the winter time. So by 6 o'clock the light was gone!

It was a bit frustrating (especially because my camera was acting up a bit), however we managed to get some good shots. We went to shoot at a lake and it was pretty with the sun going down. The one thing that bummed me out were the buoys. I wish they weren't there! Oh well. It was really the best we could do with the limited amount of time we had. 

Anyway, the shoot was still fun! They actually jumped in the lake with all their clothes on, which made for some great shots. And well, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

We're going to be doing another shoot in the near future with more time (and more light). So you'll have to come back for those.

In the meanwhile I just wanted to share this hilarious unplanned shot:

Check Glowing Light Studios for more in the next few days. I'll try to post their photos by tomorrow (Monday).

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