Cristine and Patrick

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot with Cristine and Patrick. 

Cristine is Kat's sister. She must have liked the way Kat and Lenny's engagement photos turned out because she and her boyfriend contracted me right away to do some portraits for them. 

We went down to Matheson-Hammock Park. The day was beautiful. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. Patrick kept coming up with all these different ideas of photos he wanted to take. It was amusing because usually when I do photos for people they haven't a clue on how they should pose or what the background should be. They were a fun couple to shoot and they are definitely in LOVE. It's a beautiful thing.

So even though it took me a while, I have finally posted some of my favorite photos from the shoot up on Glowing Light in the 'Portraits' album. Take a gander and tell me your thoughts. I have also posted a few photos from our trip to Lake Placid last weekend in the 'Nature' album. Hoorah for new photos! I hope you enjoy them. 

P.S. Tomorrow Alex and I are celebrating two years of exclusivity! Two years ago today I was still a single lady with a crush on cute guitar me and that cute guitar player are months away from marriage. Ain't love grand?

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