Before you get excited, this is NOT a post about NBC's Heroes. Although I do love that show and the finale this past Monday was out of this world!

Having said that, last night I caught a piece of this awards ceremony on CNN. The whole point of the show was to honor ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. You'd be amazed to know the incredible things people are doing out there. 

There was this young girl who invented a teaching tool for people with autism. She used music (mainly a piano) to help her autistic cousin learn to communicate. Since then her teaching methods have been used with many different autistic people. And this is a girl under the age of 18. 

There was another man who went on a mission in Kenya with his wife (after his son died). After going on that mission they decided to stay in Kenya. The man figured many children in Kenya were not attending school on a regular basis because of a lack of food. He set up feeding and computer centers all over Kenya as an incentive for children to attend school. 

These are just two of the many stories that really touched me. It makes me look at my own life and wonder, what can I do with it? I know God has me (and everyone else) here for a purpose. I want to make sure I fulfill that purpose. I also want to make sure I don't run away from anything God might have for me out of fear of failure. Or fear that I just can't do it. It sounds cheesy and corny, but seeing how all these "ordinary" people have done some pretty amazing things was an encouragement. I haven't yet figured out what I will do to serve this world and make it better, but I will try to be sensitive to anything God is telling me. 

Even if it's going to Kenya...

(for more info on the CNN Heroes Honorees click here)

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