Blast from the Past

I received a letter in the mail today.
It's always exciting when you receive a REAL letter. Not credit cards bills or junk mail...but a real letter.

There was no return address on the envelope. I stared at the handwriting with my name and address thinking it looked very familiar. And then it hit me...that's MY handwriting! When had I written a letter to myself and mailed it???

I tore open the envelope to reveal its contents...indeed it was a letter I had written myself...and it all came back to me.
In my senior year of high school, my english teacher had all of us write letters to ourselves so that he could mail them to us four years later. I realize this all sounds very cheesy, but this teacher was a very special part of my high school education...and well, this was one of those things that made him special (and cheesy).

I nearly gagged at everything I wrote. Was this me? Did I really think these things? Did I really write these things down?? It's amazing how you think you have everything figured out when you graduate high school...only to find out four years later that you didn't know a single thing...and you still don't. The only constant in my life has been God. He has always been there...even when I was confused about Him or irritated with Him or just plain ignoring Him.

On the back of the letter, my teacher wrote me a little note. All kind and encouraging words...and he expressed a desire to also have a stronger relationship with the Lord. I think that would be really great. :)

high school graduation:
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