Silly Grudges

I'll admit one can hold a grudge like I can!
Afterall, I AM a woman.

Oh, I'll forgive you if you do something shady...but chances are my view of you will always be a little skewed. Unless of course you do something that can regain my trust.

Lately I've been realizing how silly all of this really is. How many times have I wronged someone in the past? How many times have I committed atrocious acts that I would NEVER want to be remembered for? People make mistakes all the shouldn't always be held against I right?

Furthermore, that person that you might be holding a grudge against is a person that God loves. A person that God thinks the world of. God commands us to love one another.
What does that really mean? I know it is extremely unlikely that every single person you come across will be your best friend and you'll get along perfectly well. That's just not realistic. People will get on your nerves...make you angry...annoy you. However, we must still love them. I guess that means we should treat each other with dignity and respect.

There's a chapter in "Blue Like Jazz" (by Donald Miller) that talks about this subject. Miller says that there was a guy in his life who he really could not stand. He says that he "withheld love" from this guy. Miller realized that by withholding love from this person he was actually disobeying God...and that's never good.

I realize it is hard to love people that you are not particularly fond of. I realize it is even harder to love people that have hurt you in the past. But I have come to realize that I am no better...and that I am commanded to love...and love unconditionally.

So I just want you to know that I love you. :-) Not in that mushy way...haha...just in that godly way... And if I don't love you...I'm working on it. ;-)