One Day Vacation

Summer is a weird time. It's different from every other time of the year.
A lot of people Alex and I usually hang out with are out of town...this week especially. And with both of us being off from work we decided that we were going to be "out of town" as well. We're both usually pretty busy (Alex especially), so we thought it would be nice to take a break from it all.
We decided to take a one day vacation on Thursday...many people fail to realize the importance of taking vacations. Even the good Lord himself rested on the seventh day. We get worn out and caught up in all the responsibilities of life. We are constantly working or doing SOMETHING. However, rest is something that the body craves...something that the body needs to stay healthy. Just don't get it confused with laziness.

One of our friends who is out of town lives on a lake. He gave Alex the keys to his place before leaving and said we were welcome any time, so long as we took the trash out. We spent the day swimming, paddle boating, taking pictures, and watching 'Goodfellas' on AMC. It was really a great day. I feel like my summer is complete and when I start working again next week I will be refreshed.

I hope you all have had fantastic summers as well. And don't forget, no matter how crazy things get, just take a day to rest...put your mind at ease...and relax. God said so.

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