I am so done with summer vacation. I'm ready to be busy again. Lucky for me I start working again tomorrow.
I work at one of those Montessori pre-schools. The girl in the picture is one of the students.
I never liked kids before. I think they sensed that I didn't like them and so they didn't like me either.
However I some how ended up in the pre-school world and I have to admit that I love it. Kids are very interesting. I enjoy talking to them and being silly with them. Unfortunately the kids won't be there when I go to work tomorrow. It's just a teacher work day. The kids start on Monday and I'm excited for the new year.
Mostly I'm excited that I'm going to have something to do all day! I've enjoyed having this time off though. I know that soon I will be very very busy, and the Lord just gave me this summer to relax and be stress-free.
And now we move forward with the craziness of a new school year!...