It seems I have the whole day to myself today.
Last night I was feeling nauseous beyond words...I tried going to bed early so I could just sleep off the sickness...but my body said, "I don't think so!!!" Finally I had to run to the bathroom and say hello to the empanada I had earlier.
Unfortunately, the nauseous feeling didn't go away all night. I kept waking up every hour or so wanting to release whatever was inside of me...but there was just nothing left to release.
I called in sick to work and now I'm home feeling a little better...but still in no condition to do anything. Every time I try to walk around I feel like I'm gonna fall over right then and there.

So that's it...just thought I'd update you all (whoever reads this) on my status...If you have some time, pray for this sickness to GO AWAY...I realize it's a bit trivial, but I just really hate feeling this way.

Kristel Acevedo2 Comments