homemaker's degree

Some time ago I read on my friend's blog about how Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX was introducing a homemaker's degree.
At first it seemed harmless enough. I have respect for homemaker's...I can't do HALF of the things they do so well...and if a woman chooses to be a homemaker, more power to her.

However, as I kept doing more research on this topic I grew to dislike the whole idea.
This is what it says in the school's course guide, "Preparing women to model the characteristics of a Godly woman as outlined in Scripture." Umm...I don't know but, is it necessary for a woman to drop between $40 and $60K to find out how to be a godly woman??? If I don't know how to cook or sew does that mean I'm not a godly woman? Aren't these things women could learn from their grandmothers or mentors or older women in their church? Is it necessary to spend SO much money to learn these "home" skills? Can't you read a few self-help books or something? And again, if I'm not a homemaker am I ungodly? I just don't and CAN'T believe that the biblical role of a woman is to be a homemaker. God equips us all with different gifts...and I'm sorry, no matter HOW much I try I am NOT gifted in the area of "homemaking." I really have no desire to be a homemaker. Again, I'm not taking away the importance or the skill of being a house wife. It is very important and it is a great skill...but it's just not for me.

Also, I can't help but think that Southwestern is making a not so subtle statement on where a woman "belongs." Does anyone recall the whole Sherri Klouda situation? If you don't know the story click here to get the gist of it. I was more than shocked to hear that this woman was no longer welcome as a professor at Southwestern....why? Because she would have men in her classes??? Give me a break!

Allow me to clarify, I do believe that a woman should have homemaking skills (and men should too, for that matter!), but why shouldn't she have other skills? What if, God forbid, her husband dies and she's left all alone with three kids and a homemaking degree? If you're going to spend $40K and four years earning a degree, why not earn a degree that could prove to useful in just such an unfortunate situation?

And another thing, what about stay at home dads? I've read many interesting articles about dads who are choosing to stay at home with the kids while the wife goes off to work. Sometimes it just makes more sense for their family situation. Maybe the woman has a job that makes more money, but they still want someone to stay at home with the baby...why shouldn't she keep her job while dad stays at home? Maybe he WANTS to stay at home...what's the big deal? Yet, this degree is ONLY for women. I don't see why men should be excluded if they wish to learn how to maintain a home as well.

Does anyone "out there" have any opinions on the matter? I'd love to hear what you all think...maybe you could shed some light for me if you disagree.

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