puzzle pieces

Last night's ZEAL service was absolutely great. We had a good turn out, inspiring music, and a message that really hit it home.
We are all one church and here to serve one purpose... Luke 19:10 says, 'For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.'
I am not God's first priority...neither is my job...or my fiance...or my education...or any of that. His first priority is the lost, and therefore it should be our first priority as well. We are all pieces to the big puzzle to complete this mission...
All in all, an amazing service...a real blessing.
And let me tell you, the band played the best version of "We Are One in the Spirit" ever known to man! I have to admit, that I never really liked that song. I always thought it was the cheesiest, most BLEH, Christian song I'd ever heard...but the band really surprised us all by pulling out this jazzy/funky (Maroon 5 inspired) version that I know everyone was grooving to. Kudos to you guys.

WELL, it's Labor Day! I'm ecstatic to have a day off because my life has basically been non-stop lately! Alex and I are off to the horse races! We have a good sized group going...I'm not sure which track we're going to, but I'm excited. I've decided that if there is a horse named Buttercup, I'm betting on it! I wish I had one of those huge floppy hats that the rich people where when they go to the track. That would just be the icing on the cake.

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