how do they do it?

You know those girls that ALWAYS look good? Their make up is always perfect (maybe they don't sweat or have oily skin?), their clothes always match and fit perfectly, their hair is always perfectly styled. How do they do it? 

I really think it's an art. I don't know how some girls find the time or talent to make themselves look so good. I find it exhausting whenever I have to style my hair. Which is why I've enjoyed having it short. And I only have one trick up my iron! Other than that, my hair stays in a (messy) bun. Because I really have no creativity...or talent (in that way). 
And when you see those girls that do amazing make up...where did they learn that?! Most days I go sans make up because I am just NOT inspired. And when I try to play with it a always ends up being the same ol' thing. Black eye liner, mascara, the occasional shadow. Some girls do amazing things with make up. I love it. 

I don't know who they do it. But those girls are my inspiration. I say, KUDOS, to all you girls out there who know how to look good. All those hip and fashionable ladies...little by little, I'm catching up to you. Perhaps one day I'll be just as glamorous as you all. :-)

By the way, Alex and I are taking our engagement photos with Maloman Photographers (formerly Big Fat Knot Studios) on February 10th at 3PM. If any one of you fabulous girls out there can do some beautiful make up work PLEASE let me know. I want my make up to look flawless that day. So...holler! 

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