my new job...

I've been quite busy this week...but Anne Marie gently reminded me (as she always does) that I haven't updated you all on my new job.

Well, I'm a pre-school teacher for Miami Baptist Preschool (a ministry of Miami Baptist Church). That's right...your's truly. I have to admit, it's not my dream job and I never expected to become a pre-school teacher...but this is where the Lord has lead me. This whole week I have been at church preparing my room, decorating, making runs to 'Get Smart', writing up lesson plans, reading curriculum books... It's a lot of work. But it's fun too. I'm enjoying it.

The kids start on Monday...and as prepared as I am...I don't know how truly prepared I am. The kids in my classroom are around the age of 2 (one is only 20 months old). I have never worked with two year-olds before. It's a lot different than four and five year-olds. Their language skills aren't on the same level...and I think that's what worries me the most. 

In any case, I'm putting it on God's hands. I will learn as I go. And so will they...hopefully.'s my "Jackson Pollack" creation. Thanks Heredes.

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