U2 3D

What I really wanted to do last night was go to the Hard Rock to see my favorite band perform (along with Matchbox 20 and Alanis Morissette). 

However, plans fell through...and although I was deeply saddened by the turn out of events...Alex came through and came up with another great thing to do.

We traveled up to the IMAX theater in Ft. Lauderdale (accompanied by two of Alex's work friends) and saw "U2 3D." The whole night was a blast. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. The ride up was hilarious. We tried calling the IMAX theater three times to get the information about show times and ticket availability as we were racing along the Turnpike. We accidently left a message of us screaming, "What happened?! No! Press 1! Press 1!" on their answering machine. 
*Note to self: I really dislike automated messages.

We arrived just on time and were able to catch the 8:40 showing. The movie was so great. The footage was incredible. And how can you go wrong with tunes from U2? They have amazing songs and great stage presence. It was an interesting experience to have Bono's face right in your face and see the Edge in all his 3D glory. Very interesting. 

Alex had seen U2 live once (a gift from one of his customers! pfft...talk about a great customer), but now we got to see them together. ;-) Aww..

After the movie we walked around Las Olas Riverfront until we found a little place to eat. More laughs. More good times. 

I recommend you go check out the movie. Especially if you've never seen U2 live before...this may be your only chance!

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