on my mind

I've had so many things on my mind lately. 

So many that I can't even talk about it because I wouldn't even know where to begin. 

Last night at Bible study, Pastor Dave was asking us how our life was affected in 2007...and how our experiences would shape 2008. 
Hmm... Well, I mentioned something about how I've always been so spoiled and sheltered and well taken care of. And how in 2007 I was very slowly beginning the process of "growing up." I graduated college, began working full time, got engaged... I'm getting used to the fact that very soon I won't have my grandmother under the same roof with me. I won't be the "baby" anymore. I know I blog about this a lot...but it's all very frightening and it really just consumes my thoughts. 

And so I believe that the work God has started in me in 2007 will be completed in 2008. I don't mean that God will be all finished with me and I will be a perfect spiritual being. FAR from it. What I mean is that in 2007 God began shaping me to become a more independent and responsible person and in 2008 when Alex and I say, "I do," and we make our move...that I will finally be independent (from my parents) and responsible. (Hopefully!) And in growing more independent from my parents, I will become more and more dependent on God. It's a beautiful and scary thing. I believe I have uttered those words before...but again, I can't help it. These thoughts consume me day and night. 

In other news, I quit my job today. Yup. I love my job. I honestly and truly do. And I would stay there, but certain circumstances won't allow it. The 17th of January will be my final day at the Montessori school and the following week I will begin my new job. Details to come later. It was bittersweet informing my boss and my co-workers that I wouldn't continue working there...but I have to do what's best. This is just the first of many changes to occur in 2008. So I better get used to it. 

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