things that make you go "aww"

On Tuesday night I had a bit of an accident... 

Many of you are aware of the scooter accident that Alex and I were in during our honeymoon. I described my injuries here seems that the abrasion on my knee hadn't healed fully yet because while I was playing a competitive game of 'Capture The Prisoner' on Tuesday night I fell hard on my knees and the wound on my right knee reopened. 

It was gross!

The scar tissue was peeled back, revealing a pretty deep hole, and the blood came pouring out. 

I drove myself home where Alex was waiting for me and he took me to the hospital. After some x-rays and being examined by the doctor, I received quite a few stitches and was on my way home.  I'm on crutches again...they are the bane of my existence. I've been instructed not to put any weight on my leg because it's very sensitive and the wound could rip open again. Nasty! Alex posted pictures of course. 

But that's not what's going to make you go, "aww." 
Last night my co-worker, Kathy, came by and brought me cookies, stain remover [to get the blood off my favorite jeans], and several letters from the kids at work.
They are SO adorable. Kids can really be sweet sometimes. :-)
Here are a few excerpts:

  • Dear Coach Kristel, Are you okay? I hope you will be back hear. I hope it didn't mess your brane up.

  • I hope your leg gits betr.

  • I hope you feel better...I love your hair short you are sweet pretty...My mommy said you pretty and I said I know why because God wanted a pretty girl like you.

  • Dear Coach Kristel. Coach Kristel I hope you feel much better. Coach Kristel I think you are going to be better. Coach Kristel I hope you are not to much hurt. Coach Kristel I hope you come and teach us in school.

  • I miss you. You been gone for two days now. Wene will you get back?

  • I hope that you come back to the YMCA. PS I mess you.

::tears:: I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did. ;-)
[any typos are intended,'s exactly what the kids wrote]

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