It's that time of year

I know I've been absent from the blog world. I was in the middle of finals and putting all my energy into studying.

But it's over now and I can breathe!

It's definitely Christmas time in Wake Forest. Many houses have lights, trees, and wreaths up. Some houses have gone a little overboard, but hey, if it makes them feel jolly they should go for it. 

Alex and I were able to go on a tour of the historic homes in Wake Forest. It was beautiful. We got to go inside and see how people decorate and learn a little bit of the history behind these magnificent buildings. Now I want to convince my parents to buy one of those houses and give it us. :-) It would make a great first year anniversary present!

Last week our church had their annual Christmas concert. It was phenomenal. Everything went flawlessly and I really enjoyed the music. Alex was able to participate by playing guitar in one song and creating some loops. The concert really helped to bring about the Christmas spirit. 

Also some of us from small group were able to rake this HUGE yard for an elderly couple. It was my first time raking and I see what a chore it is. But it was fun and we were able to finish in record time [about 4 hours]. Michelle posted about it here

Finally, last night we had our small group Christmas party. We had fun playing games, eating, and chatting. Alex and I are blessed to have found a great group of people to connect with in Wake Forest. 
We hope you all are enjoying this season and I'll try blog more often. ;-)

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