Engagement Photos!

Yesterday Alex and I had our photos taken by Stephan Maloman. His lovely wife, Candace, also came along. It was such a great experience. We were both REALLY nervous at first...but I think as the shoot went on, we loosened up. I think Stephan was able to get some really great shots. Of course it helps that he's an amazing photographer!

We went to a little record store on Bird Rd. and then to Tropical Park. We even brought along our little Polaroid cameras...because, well, that's how we do things. I think Stephan was a little bewildered to see such an ancient form of photograph technology. ;-)

He did oblige us by taking one shot though...so that's good! (as you can see above)

I will let you know when he posts up the photo on his blog. In the mean time check out some of his other work...and the photos he took of my sister and her fiance

Kristel Acevedo10 Comments