I've been feeling incredibly creatively stifled lately. 

I'm just not inspired. My life feels like one, long, boring, tiring routine. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely thankful for my job. I feel blessed that the Lord has provided me with this opportunity to learn something new, grow my patience, and earn money. Not to mention, the health insurance is an added bonus. But I feel so..."blah" because of what I do day in and day out. And so I don't feel like doing much else. I don't feel inspired to create anything beautiful. 

However I was checking out this blog today and now I feel rejuvenated! This girl is so talented and she has amazing ideas. Thanks to Elizabeth for introducing me to her work. 

When I first got my Canon, I would take it with me everywhere! However, little by little, I've been leaving it at home. Well, I'm happy to say I have two photo shoots planned for today! I'm excited to be taking pictures again...and hopefully I will remember to make time for my creative outlets. And maybe Alex and I will try something new together. I love creating things with him...mostly because if it weren't for him I probably wouldn't even try most of the things we try. And then I get so excited about the future and all the things we're going to do together. Life is such a beautiful, exhilarating, inspirational thing. We shouldn't forget that...and we shouldn't let it become routine and boring.

So how do you keep your life exciting?

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