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This week has been eventful. 

I started my first official week of teaching at Miami Baptist Preschool

I'm not gonna lie, it was rough. Things that are just starting out are always a little rough. I guess I didn't realize kids would be. About half are still in diapers. Some don't speak yet or have limited vocabulary and understanding. I'm going to have to re-work my lesson plans and re-think my expectations. I'm definitely NOT used to working with such young kids, but I think it can be done. Even if this isn't really what I want to be doing with my life, I know that I will learn from this and some where down the road I will remember everything I'm doing now. 
So please just pray that things improve and that I can become better at my job!

On Thursday night Alex and I had our food tasting for the wedding reception (Mike tagged along). The food was delicious! So it didn't make our decisions any easier. I think we're going to have to go with a combo so that our guests can experience a variety of good food. (you're welcome) ;-)

After that we sped off downtown to Studio A. Mike Coia Band was performing! Alex played guitar and it was just a great time. I'm proud of these guys for pulling off a good show. Mike has written some catchy tunes, so you can go check it out on myspace. Thanks to everyone who came as well. As Merari would say, "Support local music!"

Last night as Alex and I were purchasing our wedding bands from Jared's, my sister called and asked if we would like to go to a Heat game. She and Manny had extra third row tickets. Well we couldn't pass up that offer! I've never been to a Heat game and it was exciting to go see them in action. Even if they played a pretty crappy game and lost. Plus, I finally got to see Shaq up close. Little known fact: When I was in 5th grade I thought Shaq was the COOLEST. I don't know why. I read his biography and memorized his shoe size and had his poster on my wall. I was a big dork. But hey, now I finally saw him in person...that's one childhood dream realized. Now if I could only meet Hanson...

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