On most Monday nights we have ZEAL meetings at Pastor Dave's house. A group of us gather together to plan out the services and try to figure out what exactly God wants us to do with our efforts and talents.

The next ZEAL worship gathering is entitled "Journey." Alex usually comes up with a little flyer or something to post on-line to help promote the event. This time the image he came up with was that of a tree. I remember thinking, "Okay, I don't know what a tree has to do with a journey, but sure...why not?"  And then during the last meeting he explained his reasoning...I found it very interesting. Allow me to paraphrase what he said...

The tree goes on this journey. It starts as a seed and then the roots begin to grow deep into the ground. From there the tree begins to spring up and grow. As Christians we need to get rooted in the Word so that we can grow higher and closer to God. 
Sometimes things get in the way of the trees a bridge or an electrical wire, but the tree finds a way to go around it and grow somehow [this is true, I've seen it, I think it's amazing]. In the same way, we encounter obstacles in our life and we must find a way to grow. And as our roots grow go deeper we become more firm and grow higher. In order to grow higher, we must grow deeper. 

Hm. Made ME think. Who knew Alex had such profound thoughts?? ;-)

Anyway...I wanted to mention that my grandmother (my dad's mom) has been diagnosed with cancer. She's very old and has many other health problems as well. The truth is, we don't know how much longer she will be with us. I have decided to travel to Nicaragua (where she and my grandfather live) in order to be with her perhaps for the last time and to comfort my father. I can't imagine the pain he must be feeling in losing his own mother. I will be leaving on Sunday, March 2nd and returning that Wednesday. Please pray for my family. My grandmother is such a wonderful lady with a beautiful soul. She and my grandfather have been married for over 55 years. She has been a mother to 7 children who love her dearly. And a grandmother to many others who think the world of her. I remember when she would come to visit us in Miami and she would play guitar and sing songs about Nicaragua. She was always so happy and vibrant. She would always sleep in my room and we would talk about...everything. I know that since I last saw her (over a year ago) she has been struggling with alzheimer's. I haven't seen how the disease has affected her firsthand, but I have heard stories from my dad. It's very sad. I love my grandmother like you just wouldn't believe. 

She's not gone yet. But like I said, who knows when her time will come...I'm looking forward to making the trip down there and seeing her and my grandfather...but I also know the trip will be a difficult one. 

As I said before, please pray for her...for my grandfather...for my dad...for us to continue on our journey of life and become more deeply rooted in the Word of God so that we may grow from this experience and rely more on our God. 

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