I have discovered the greatest web site EVER!

It's incredible. Basically it's a place for people to sell anything handmade. Paintings, drawings, jewelry, clothes, bags, paper goods, toys...anything. And there are some really talented people who have set up shop there. Everything is so unique and beautiful. I suggest you take a peak. If you know of someone who has a birthday coming up or anything like that, you could find a great present there that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. 

Here are a few of my favorite shops that I have discovered so far...

Disco Belly (when I get pregnant in ten years, I want these shirts!)

And I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with this necklace from adorapop
(hint hint, to anyone who is looking to make me feel special)

So go take a peak around the website and let me know if you find anything beautiful and inspiring. :-)


Kristel Acevedo9 Comments