sins of omission

Tuesday night we began our new Bible study at Panera

We were outgrowing Pastor Dave's I think it was Anne Marie that came up with the idea of holding our Bible studies at Panera. 

And so...last Tuesday was the first. It was great! We split up into different groups around the restaurant...broke out our Bibles and "In a Pit with  Lion on a Snowy Day" and had some interesting discussions. 
(Thanks to Lauren and Anne Marie for the team teaching)

I think the thing that struck me the most was the concept of sins of omission. Apparently there are two types of sin...sins of commission and sins of omission. Sins of commission involve regret about things you've done. Sins of omission are the opposite...things you HAVEN'T done. 

Well, I realized there are MANY things I haven't done...either because I've been too afraid or indifferent or lazy. 

I'm a quitter. I quit EVERYTHING. If it gets to be too hard or inconvenient, I quit. I can make a list of the many activities I've started in my life...but never completed. 

Ballet. Piano. Oboe. Xylophone. Baritone. Singing. Music in general. Drama. Softball. Basketball. Broadcasting. Etc. Etc. Etc. I even quit photography. I took my first photo class when I was 14 years old, but I quit. I picked it up again in college, but think of all the years I lost. All the knowledge and talent I could have acquired if I would have just stuck with it. 

So I guess my sins of omission involve NOT sticking with anything. Not trying. Not doing. Not taking action. 


At the end of the study we did a little exercise. We had to write down ten dreams we have for our life. No matter how big or ridiculous it may sound. I couldn't even come up with ten...that's how much of a quitter I am...I quit before I even started!

I won't share my list with you because...well...I don't want to. But know that I, too, have dreams. And I'm thankful that I have Alex in my life. He really pushes me to try new things and is always very encouraging. He always makes me feel like I'm talented...somehow! 

And I encourage all of you to believe in yourselves. Dream big. So you may not accomplish least give it a shot. Find your passion and strive to achieve matter what people say. Don't doubt yourself. And remember, God is your biggest cheerleader...He knows you can do it...even if you don't know. 

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