...in case you missed it...

I wanted to post up a youtube video of Mike Coia Band playing at Studio A last Wednesday. 

Check out Alex! He's the hottie playing the electric guitar. ;-)
I'm proud of him.

They're playing some more shows so check it out here

Also, they'll be playing at Studio A again on Match 7th...and I believe Alex will be playing with a band called Decembers Waiting as well. 
(What a pimp)
(the lead singer of this band is in high school...but he's so talented! I'm impressed.)

It's exciting to see my "hubby" playing with different bands. I know performing is what he likes best...and I'm glad he's getting the chance to perform with all these different people. Besides, we all know the main reason I got with him is because he plays guitar. ;-)

Love you, babe!

Kristel Acevedo3 Comments