Mike & Kelsey

I've been slow with the photo thing lately. I had issues with my computer and external hard drive. Luckily, everything has been worked out and my iPhoto is now in proper working order. I'm glad nothing was lost! 

Besides that I've been crazy busy with wedding stuff. My sister's is on SATURDAY! It's just days away and I just don't think I'm ready yet. I realized last night as I was drifting off to sleep that I have yet to write my "maid of honor speech." Eep! I'm no good at public speaking, so you can imagine my nervousness. I haven't a clue what to say...but some time between today and Saturday evening I better figure it out.

ANYWAY...all this to say that I finally was able to do a new photo session! This time with Mike and Kelsey. We got to go downtown to the Design District. I was happy about that. Overall, I think I got some good photos in. So I have posted one to share on here and soon I will post more at Glowing Light

And you'll be happy to know that Alex is working on a web site! [Yay!] So hopefully in the very near future we'll have a proper Glowing Light Studios web site and everyone can view our work. 

Keep your fingers crossed. 

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