My French Bridal Shower

Last Sunday I finally got to celebrate my bridal shower! Along with many wonderful friends and family members. A lot of people showed up and it was great to have them all. 

The shower was held at Le Boudoir in Coral Gables (the intersection of Ponce and Miracle Mile). They were really great to work with. They took great care of us and fed us the most amazing food! Everything was delicious. The little sandwiches and salads and of course, the dessert! 

We played some games that were prepared by my sister and just had a good time talking and laughing together. My favorite game was the one that Alex showed up for. :-) Basically my sister had asked him questions about himself previously and then wrote his answers down on  separate pieces of papers. In the style of "The Newlywed Game." 
So in front of a live audience I had to answer the questions before he revealed his own answers. And I am PROUD to say that I did really well. I believe I only got one answer wrong out of 13. Not bad. I even corrected one of his answers (his first kiss). I'm curious to see how Alex would do if the tables were turned...hmmm... 

The guests took home a triple chocolate mousse prepared by the restaurant in some lovely containers as a favor. This is my favorite French dessert! And from what I've heard, everyone enjoyed it! 

So thank you to everyone who came to the shower! It was really great having everyone there. And thanks to my mom for all her hard work preparing for the party all the way from Texas! And to my sister for preparing all the games. And to my bridesmaids (Lia & Tati) for hosting games. And to my aunt for making sure people RSVP'ed. And to Merari for taking all the photos. 

And well, thank everyone. :-)

[I have uploaded the majority of the photos here.]