wedding firsts

This week Alex and I received our first wedding gift(s). 

My Tia Lani and Tio Gonzalo from Spain were in town for my sister's wedding and they decided to go ahead and get us our wedding gift now. The neatest microwave ever and Alex's beloved knife set. Oh, he's happy about that one! What a thrill. Our wedding is really on its way. 
(A Wedding Gift Tip: If you go to our wedding website you can click on Gift Registry and view our registries. Just click the Crate & Barrel and Target logos. Some gifts are only available ONLINE, so perhaps it would be more convenient for you to order a gift on-line and have it shipped to my wrapping necessary!)

And today, another first! Our first RSVP card from our first official wedding guest. ::drum roll:: Anne Marie Fields! I can't wait for all those little cards to start coming in. It's so exciting. It's starting to feel real. 
(By the way, thanks TONS to Anne Marie, Merari, Alex, my mom, my dad, Lani, and Gonzalo for all the help with the invitations! I couldn't have done it without you guys.)

I went to the dress store today to FINALLY pick up my beautiful wedding gown...however, it's still a bit too long and so they have to alter it some more. I can pick it up NEXT Friday. Meh. 

I'll keep you updated on all the wedding news. :-)
You KNOW you're interested... ;-)