I Love Miami - Part Three

It's been a while since I continued my series on all the different reasons I love Miami...but now that the craziness of the wedding and honeymoon is over, I can now focus on my blogging once again. Hoorah!

Probably the biggest reason I love Miami is because this is where my grandma is.
My abuelita [as I affectionately call her] has lived with my family since I was in elementary school. And for the past five years it's been just me and her in this big house. She's been spoiling me for years! Cooking all my favorite foods, sweeping up my room when I would forget, cooking all my favorite foods, helping me run errands, cooking all my favorite foods!

She truly has a servant's heart. I don't know anyone who will do so much for so little in return. She never complains either. She just goes through her day, making everyone around her comfortable, always keeping busy. She amazes me. I wish I were even half the woman she is.

Needless to say, I am going to miss her when we move to North Carolina.