open house

In just ten days Alex and I will be packing up all our stuff and making the long drive up to North Carolina. Ten days!

It feels unreal and we've been trying to see as many people as possible. We've had lunch dates and dinner dates with various friends. We've started saying our good-byes. We've come to the realization that the day we move is coming...and it's coming quickly!

We also realize that it would be impossible to have dinner dates with EVERYONE. First of all, we'll go broke. And we need money at a time like this [moving is expensive!]. Secondly, there's too many of you. So we decided to hold an open house night at our house on Monday the 28th. Just come by any time between 6 and whenever. We'd love to see you...hang out for a "see ya later." It's not going to be a BIG party or anything. Just a time to talk. You can stay for as long or as little as you want. If you only have five minutes to chat, by all means, give us those five minutes! 

We hope to see as many of you as possible. Spread the word, since I know not everyone reads this blog. Tell anyone who knows us to come by. We love you all and will surely miss you.