our first home

I finally received an e-mail today from Southeastern Seminary regarding our housing assignment! 

I was beyond ecstatic to receive all the information and relieved that we officially have a place to live. *whew*

Now I've been reading all these great blogs on decorating and whatnot. Even though Alex and I have restrictions we have to work with [since, after all, we are renting from the seminary], we are trying to come up with some creative ways to make our apartment a reflection of our style. Some great resources are decor8 and apartment therapy. I love all the different designs featured on these sites and I appreciate that they are trying to be eco-friendly. Not that I know much about "being green" but I'm learning. 

And of course, ETSY, has a bunch of great finds. 

Just 23 more days until Alex and I begin our first great adventure as a married couple.