getting that education

I have to say that going to seminary is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.

It's right up there with having lasik surgery and getting married. 

Every time I sit in class I am in awe of what I learn. I am even more in awe of how everything becomes connected. 
Yesterday I was sitting in chapel and the man who was giving the sermon [I forgot his name...] got me thinking and raised some questions in my head. I was kind of concerned and couldn't get the thoughts out of my head. Just a few hours later as I was listening to my biblical counseling professor give his lecture, he ended up answering the questions in my head! 
I find that this happens often. And I am really enjoying everything that God is revealing to me through my classes and professors. It is such a blessing as this point in my life to be able to really learn and understand what the Word of God is all about. Little by little I am growing and changing. And sure, it's only been a couple weeks, but this gets me excited for what's to come. 

Today Alex and I signed up to participate in a mission trip to Mexico next April. This will be my first mission trip and I am ecstatic to have this opportunity. I have always wanted to go on a mission trip, but for some reason or another it never worked out. Well, no more excuses. I am trusting in God that we will be able to raise the funds necessary to go on this trip. And I am open to the opportunities that this will bring. 

All I can say is that it's a real blessing to be here and I am certain this is where I need to be. It is even more of a blessing to have the love and support of my wonderful husband.
And even though it gets difficult being away from my friends and family, I'm still blessed.

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