seven and a half.

We're in North Carolina!

We've spent the past five days setting up house. It's a great feeling...and nerve-racking as well [money issues].

We don't have internet yet...but we will have it by next week. Right now I'm "sharing" with my neighbor. :-)

Alex started work today...thank God! Unfortunately they only had a part time Mac Specialist available. :-/
Hopefully something will open up soon! Some pluses for him are that he speaks Spanish [I believe only two other people in the store do] and he's already been through all the Creative training in Cupertino. So please pray that he gets promoted SOON.
I'm also applying for jobs.

We've pretty much almost got everything we need. Just waiting on our dining table from Crate & Barrel. Should be here in a week and half. After that we just need some chairs. I'm hoping we find some cheap ones around here somewhere!

Anne Marie should be here by this weekend! Yay! Can't wait for my friend to arrive.

And the reason for the title of this blog...the speed limit in our neighborhood is seven and a HALF miles per hour. That's right, folks...don't dare creep up to 8. Alex has made several attempts to abide by this rule. It gives him great pleasure to be able to ride the line between seven and eight mph.

I'll try to update soon and post pictures as well. As soon as we're hooked up with internet it'll be much easier.