What I enjoyed about my SparkCon weekend:

  • Seeing my very first fashion runway show
  • Amazing sidewalk chalk art
  • Learning about different types of [nasty] bugs
  • Watching Alex eat chocolate covered ants and fried rice with worms.
  • Seeing all the wonderful things that very talented vendors were selling...clothes, jewelry, photos, art, bags, etc.
  • Live music
  • Watching a lady with a cane get down to the sounds of Bob Marley.
  • Live DJ'ing
  • Graffiti artistry
  • Break dancing
  • Magic/Comedy show
  • Meeting a homeopathic doctor who adopted a baby from Ethiopia
  • Art galleries
  • VW Bugs in all their glory
It was a wonderful event. I'm glad we were able to enjoy it. 
Downtown Raleigh is alive and well. 

(yes, I put "fasion" instead of "fashion." I'm tired...sue me)

Kristel Acevedo2 Comments