Last night my seminary hosted the LifeWay Worship HymnSing with Keith and Kristyn Getty. The Seminary's choir and orchestra also performed. 

It was really great. I had never heard of the Getty's, but I realized I had heard their music. Their most famous song is "In Christ Alone," which is a staple at many churches. I loved all the tunes they played. Kristyn's voice is flawless and the musicianship of all the performers was really impressive. 

That's not the best part. The purpose of the entire concert was to worship God, and that was accomplished. I've been learning in my theology class that the whole point of Christian Theology is to retell the Gospel of Christ in a culturally appropriate way according to the Scriptures. If we are successful at this it will result in right thinking about God and right living before Him. This involves worshiping Him in the correct way. The mechanics and means by which we worship Him isn't nearly as important as actually worshiping Him.
It shouldn't matter if we use an organ or a guitar or a choir or no music at all...the point is we worship God because He's worthy. 

And last night the songs, more than just sounding good, spoke rightly about God and worshiped Him as He should be worshiped. The songs weren't just some upbeat tunes with no real meaning or theological truth. It was the opposite. The songs were packed with meaning and truth and worship.

Does that make sense? I've been having many jumbled thoughts in my head since I began my seminary education. It's hard it to keep it all together and coherently explain everything I'm learning. I'm still getting used to thinking so deeply about these things. 

So let me know what you think. About God...worship... Any thoughts?

Kristel Acevedo3 Comments