a new church

Alex and I have been searching for a local church to be a part of here in North Carolina. We've felt incomplete without a church to serve and grow in. Ministry has been a part of our lives for so long that not having a church in which to minister has been strange. 

We've visited quite a few churches in the area and...well...they didn't feel right. I don't know if that's a good thing to say or not. I'm sure God's main concern is that we serve in a local body, not whether the church seems "cool" or not. But nonetheless we hadn't found a church that we felt compelled to join and start serving in. Until now.

We finally decided on a church. And to tell the truth, it's kinda scary. This church is kinda...big. Bigger than what we're used to. And something about large crowds makes me nervous. But despite its "bigness" there are a lot of things I enjoy about this church, the main one being the preacher. When I heard him speak on Sunday I was blown away. His message wasn't watered down or out of context, he didn't go off on any tangents. His preaching was direct, honest, intelligent, and spiritual. We enjoyed the musical aspect of the worship service as well, which is always a plus [especially since we're musical snobs, who are we kidding?]. 
Basically, they have a lot of good stuff going on. I think the rebel inside of me would prefer not to go to this church...because it's so big and popular [you know I've never been down with the cool kids], but I can't help to be drawn to what they are accomplishing. I feel that Alex and I could learn a lot here.

Also, the name of the church reminded me of this hilarious blog post. I'm a fan of this blog. You should definitely bookmark it and read it on a regular basis. 

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