Happy Thanksgiving

Seriously, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Usually for this very special and delicious holiday we go from house to house enjoying all the wonderful food. The last house is always my parents' and there are always well over two dozen people in attendance. It really is grand.

Since moving to NC, though, we can't afford to be flying home for all the holidays.
So last year Alex's mom flew up to spend Thanksgiving with us. It really was special.

This year we are continuing the tradition. In just a couple hours Patty will be landing in RDU and tomorrow we are cooking up a feast! I have all my recipes ready and we were able to purchase my dream dining set from Target. It's beautiful.
Here's the table. Here's one set of chairs. And here is the other set of chairs.
I love the colors and the simple design...and most of all, I love the price!

I hope everyone's holiday is extra special. Remember to show God your gratitude for all His blessings.

Kristel Acevedo1 Comment