an update for you

We worked hard all weekend and have finally fully unpacked everything! Hoorah!

We love our new apartment. It's so peaceful and lovely. I promise to take pictures soon. We're getting our Christmas tree tonight and getting all the decorations out. Can't wait.
Here's a sneak peak to hold you over until I get around to taking more photos:

I'm also in the middle of finals over here. Took one today. My next one is on Wednesday and the last one on Thursday (or's online...haven't decided when I'll take it yet). I am so thankful that the semester is almost over. It's been great. I have really loved all my classes and everything I've learned, but it's also been tiring! This has definitely been my busiest semester so far. I'm ready for a break so I can unwind and do some real blogging.

In the mean time, meet the Barley's new puppy. She is the cutest! (Props to Alex for making the video)
And don't forget to pray for our trip to Denver next month. We need 100 of you to step up to the plate! Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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