live music

I love live music.

There's nothing like standing in front of a stage and listening to people share everything they have through song. 
We haven't been to very many live shows since moving here. Between Alex's work schedule, my school schedule, and our church schedule, we have neglected to explore the local music scene of Raleigh. 
So when Alex found out yesterday that Lovedrug would be playing at some small club in Raleigh that night, we had to go.  Three other bands opened and they were all really good! I especially loved this one band called House of Fools.

To be honest, I wasn't sure I would enjoy Lovedrug's show. I have their first record, which I do love...and I saw them live at Cornerstone Festival in Orlando maybe three or four years ago, which I also loved. However, I haven't kept up with them since. Well, they did great! I was only familiar with two of the songs they played, but I enjoyed every song! They are definitely worth seeing live. 

I miss going to check out music in rinky-dink little clubs. There's really nothing like it. I think we'll be making more time for it from now on.

P.S. Bear9 (my favorite local Miami band) played a show on Wednesday that I wish I could have seen. :-) Merari posted about it here. Miss you, guys. 

P.P.S. At the end of the night we discovered our car had been Thankfully, Alex's co-workers were also at the show and gave us a lift to pick up our car. Another life lesson learned. 

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