ethics as worship

It's midterms week here at SEBTS

I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday cramming my ethics notes into my brain. I was memorizing Scripture, deciphering the difference between ethics and morality, studying the five main components of a worldview. I just wanted to make sure it was all in there because I really wanted a good grade on my ethics midterm. 

Then on Saturday night Alex and I attended a concert with our friends, Allison and Bobby. The concert was kind of an introduction of this project a young girl is working on.  I wish I could remember her name...Jessica something?? She's recording her first album and it's all about the Gospel. Good stuff. After she and her band played some songs off her album they did a praise and worship set. It was so great. For some reason it really touched me and all my ethics notes came flooding into my head. Except this time, I wasn't just worried about memorizing it all. I was really internalizing it. The Scriptures we studied meant so much more.  The truth about God's grace overwhelmed me. The fact that God has been so gracious with us and has freed us to live a life of moved me. Read Ephesians 2:1-10, it'll do you good. ;-)
(photo by: Merari Teruel)