first mission trip

We truly had an amazing time in Mexico. 

I'm still recovering...especially because we had a very busy Easter Sunday yesterday. 

The week was filled with laughter, baseball, tortillas, smiling children, gringos trying to speak Spanish, frijoles, the Bible...
One of the Bryans (there were four) and I led team six, the Marlins! We had a team of all teenage boys (most of whom were already pretty talented baseball players). At the beginning of the week I longed to be on a team with some of the younger kids. I'm used to working with little ones. But by the end of the week, I loved my team. They were great guys and I had a lot of fun joking around with them. 

Everyday after training at the different stations and before playing a big game between the teams we would do a gospel presentation. I did it two times. It was a bit nerve-wracking because I lacked confidence. I thought I would just fumble through it and it wouldn't make any sense. Well, God really gave me the words to say and I think it turned out pretty well! It was a great experience and I pray that those boys will consider the message we had for them and find a local church to learn more about God. 

It was really a great week. :-) I'm happy Alex and I were able to go on this mission trip together. We learned a lot. 

Alex put some of the photos on our mobileme gallery. Check 'em out. And if you went on the trip and would like to share your photos, just upload them to the gallery. 
I'll also put some on facebook of course. ;-)

Here's a photo with Javier. He was a good kid. Even helped me out with one of the gospel presentations. He didn't know he would be helping me, but he did well. Nothing like putting someone on the spot!