FamilyLife Conference

This past weekend Alex and I attended the FamilyLife Conference at SEBTS

We'll soon be celebrating a year in marriage, so we wanted to do attend this conference to refresh ourselves on what God has to say about marriage and family. 
Dr. Akin has a lot of wisdom to pass down in this area. I appreciate his candor and willingness to talk about every aspect of marriage, even the awkward parts. He's direct and and honest and draws his conclusions from Scripture and not his own opinions. He also has a lot of great stories as someone who has been married for about 30 years (I believe), raised four boys, and has just welcomed grandchild number four to the world. 
Alex and I are very thankful we had the opportunity to attend and soak up some godly knowledge on marriage. It's a huge blessing and a challenge, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Can't wait to celebrate our first year! Just 41 more days. :-)
[anniversary presents are more than welcome! *wink*]