May First - Countdown!

We have officially entered the month of May!

You know what that means...we can officially begin counting down to my 24th birthday. :-)
(am I really that old???)
Mark your calendars, May 18th is the big day. 
I'll be in Miami the weekend prior to my birthday for Rey & Lauren's wedding. I'm sure we'll squeeze in several birthday celebrations the few days we will be in Miami. 
On the day of my actual birthday we'll be on a plane headed back to Raleigh. Still not sure if we will do anything once we arrive. But we better! *ahem*
Anyway, if you want to be a good, text, e-mail, send a smoke signal letting me know you care that I'm aging. If you want to be a really good friend I looove gifts. Cards are great. Gift cards are really great (Target, F21, Urban Outfitters...).
I'm kidding of course...but seriously...I'm just saying.  No harm in putting it out there...after all, Luke says, "Ask and it will be given to you..."