summer time means...

Today is the first day of my summer vacation. 

I survived my first year of seminary. I cannot believe how fast it went by. I've learned a lot and I've enjoyed [most of] it. 

But now it's summer time! And summer time means...

  • Reading books that I want to read. 
  • Taking time to focus on photography.
  • Late night movies.
  • BBQ's.
  • Hopefully a trip or two to the beach.
  • Outdoor concerts. 

It's going to be grand. 
I'm most excited about taking pictures again. It's nice to have time to do a hobby that I love. 
Also, Alex got me a lens for my birthday! (50mm f/1.8) It's a fun little lens and I'm excited to get some use out of it. 
ALSO, I finally signed up for a flickr account. It's probably the easiest way to share my photos with the world, so I had to do it. 
Here's the link to my sets. I don't have anything really new up there, but hopefully I will soon. 

Anyone else out there have any fun plans for the summer?