One of the questions that we get fairly often now that we're married is when we're planning on having children. 

"Uhh...I dunno," is the usual response. :-)

I used to be deathly afraid of having kids. Just the thought of raising a couple of rotten kids made me break out in a cold sweat. "I'm not having kids until I'm thirty," was a statement often escaping from my lips when the kid discussion would come up. 
Selfish, maybe? Hey, I'll admit that I'm plenty selfish and spoiled!

So lately I've been trying to re-think the whole kids thing. Afterall, kids are a blessing from the Lord. Why should I fear them? 

I'm not saying I'm ready to get pregnant now! I would at least like to graduate from seminary before we even consider it. I'm saying that maybe having a few kids wouldn't be so bad. I think Alex would make a pretty good dad. ;-) 

We've also thought about international adoption. There are so many children in the world who are orphans and it would be such a great act of love to welcome them into our family and give them a real home. 
Again, this is way down the line for us. We are not having kids any time soon (unless of course the Lord decides to work His magic, lol). I'm just trying to think biblically about the matter. That's it. 

ANYWAY... all that to say, J.D. gave a great sermon about this very subject (children, parenting, adoption) last Sunday and I think everyone should give it a listen. Whether you are single, married, a parent, or not...there are some great words of wisdom that we all need to consider and think about.  This is pertinent to our Christian lives and to properly displaying the gospel. 

And please share your thoughts. :-)