One Year in North Carolina

It's our one year North Carolina anniversary!

A year ago today we started this adventure of North Carolina living. This year has been nothing of what I expected it to be. It's definitely been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. Honestly, it's been difficult for me to get adjusted. I still get feelings of homesickness. I still get feelings of not belonging. I still feel lonely sometimes. I have, however, come to love this place and the people we've come across.
I am thankful for my school. I've learned more than I could ever imagine, and I still have a ways to go. My professors are genuine, humble, and incredibly intelligent. The students are eager to live gospel-centered lives and soak up the wisdom the school has to offer.
I am thankful for my church. It's a bit difficult getting connected to people in such a big church, but I finally feel connected to this group of people. I love our pastors, staff, and volunteers [especially the evening campus, we're the best ;-)].
I love my small group. These people are amazing. I love being able to sit around and talk with them. I love playing 'four on a couch.' And I really love making the girls laugh because of the outlandish things that sometimes come out of my mouth. I won't repeat them here. ;-)

I also really love what God is doing in our lives and in our marriage. It's difficult at times. I sometimes wish I could just ignore God and do my own thing, but I am so glad He is in control. He truly is so much wiser than I am (as if there was any doubt). I see things happening...moving...clicking...and I know it would not be possible without the sovereignty and provision of God.

And in other news, today is the day that Kat and Lenny are making the big move from Miami to Wake Forest. I'm excited for my friends and the adventure they are about to begin. I can't wait until they get here and we can help them unpack and get settled. We love you, Goenagas.

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